Buying in Selling in Mableton is a joy. Just outside Atlanta GA, the village of Mableton offers an array of outstanding living and culture. From the small local down home vibe to the more upscale living and dining establishments that dot the local area, Mableton is the total package.   Affordable, charming, yet sophisticated in many ways. The area in taking a new bold direction in building up its housing choices. Builders are encouraged to capitalize on the affordable land prices and build homes that are in demand for the area. Local stores are gaining strength and support, local businesses are thriving, and people moving to Mableton are bringing in their dollars, enthusiasm and desire to be where they can get the most bang for their buck while being so close to a major metropolis, an international airport, Downtown and Midtown  after hours scenes, yet have peace of mind in a safe community. 
Some areas of Mableton are ripe with opportunities for investors. Others are solid, well kept communities that are prime for growing families.  

Homeowners sell quickly as less than 10% of the of the population puts their homes on the market each year. In Mableton, multiple offers are no longer considered rare. As more and more people discover Mableton, the opportunities for property owners to profit greatly, increases as the Mableton real estate market rebounds.

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