Expectations When Buying

Expectations when buyer a home

http://JackyeMumphrey.com | 678-929-8330 When you start your home search your first step is to be pre-qualified by a lender within the preceding 30 days prior to day you want through the door of your first home showing. You want to be certain the lender has received your last 60 days pay stubs, bank statements and tax returns as well as any other income statements you may have in order to obtain this letter. You will also want to have a good long chat with the real estate agent of your choice so they have an understanding of what you are looking for within the budget and approval price you have been given. When you hire the agent, you will then sign a brokerage representation form establishing the relationship between you and the agent as a client. If you do not sign a form, than you are NOT a client of that agent. From a legal perspective the agent owes you no loyalty or fiduciary duties as they would a client. They would be working with you as a customer which is a different classification than of a client. You can work with an agent without an agreement but it isn't always wise to do so. Some buyers like the sense of control to be able to work with more than one agent, however working with several agents can create problems for you down the road instances where you work with two different agents who showed you the same home. Agents work best and will go to bat for you if they know they will be getting paid for the work they do After you and the agent find a home the next step is for you to bid or place an offer on the home. This is where being pre-qualified will help you the most. One accepted there will be legal documents and disclosures that will need to be signed by all parties and processed so you can head to your closing as smoothly as possible. Good luck on your home buying journey and thanks for stopping by.