Mableton is quietly selling...

...Shh, Mableton is selling quietly acre by acre to the uber rich investors

Mableton's Biggest Secret

Affluent buyers are quietly picking up prime parcels of land in Mableton and have in turn inspired Mableton's Land Gold Rush. As Mableton gets it's new facelift, smart buyers are learning that now it the right time to invest in their future real estate values. Many places in Mableton are extremely private, affordable, have city views, low taxes and are perfectly located close to Atlanta to appreciate all that a big city has to offer without any of its inconveniences. As of the time of this writing, there are 8 ongoing new construction projects in Mableton with a half dozen waiting to be approved to construction. Although prices have gone up, there are still hundreds of lots where one could build a private oasis in the 'burbs for hundreds of thousands less than most places in Atlanta.

Building in Mableton

Mableton is unincorporated meaning there are no city taxes. The permitting and impact fees are quite low and builders and tradesman are plentiful. The process is pretty straight forward.

Mableton Real Estate Statistics

Mableton has a population of around 40,000 residents that live in approximately 13,000 homes and townhomes. Just under 1,000 properties trade hands each year with an average sales price of $275,000 for 4 bed 2.5 bath homes built between 1982 and 2010 with approximated 2,500 square feet on an 1/4 to 1/3 acre lot. Home prices range from $70,000 for a tear down to $150,000 for a one story brick ranch, to $275,000 for a 2 story mid level home on up to 1 million plus for mega luxury homes in the area.

Mableton Lifestyle

Mableton has an abundance of small shops, sit down eateries, mom and pop stores as well as grocery stores, car dealerships, gyms and other personal care service companies. Most of your everyday living necessities are within a 2-5 minute care ride in Mableton.

There are a handful of private and public schooling options and the local domestic and personal care services are abundant to support the lifestyles of people from all walks of life including High Net Worth Individuals that are attracted to Mableton.

There are 6 parks in Mableton, access to recreation on the Chattahoochee River, an entertainment venue at the Mable House Complex on Floyd Rd that features a local Mableton museum, Arts and Crafts facility and an amphitheater that attracts nationwide celebrity and musical talent. Mableton has a community garden for local plant enthusiasts, a Farmer's Market during the summer months and annual concerts and celebrations throughout the year.

There is a ton of room to roam in Mableton. The town emcompasses 20.6 square miles. The population density is 1,805 people per square mile or 2.82 people per acre compared to Atlanta at 5.71 people per acre or Smyrna, Mableton's neighbor city at 5.77 people per acre.


Mableton Transportation

As with most places in the Atlanta region, public transportation is available through Cobb County Transit which runs buses that connect through to Atlanta transportation system called' MARTA" Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Mableton has access to Fulton County Airport which is just over the river that divides Atlanta from Mableton for those who pilot private aircraft. There is also an abundance of private livery through Lift, Uber and local taxi and transportation companies.


Mableton People

There is a broad cross section of people who live in Mableton both blue and white collar as well as self-starters who own their own businesses. About a 1/3 of the population has college degrees, have an average annual income of $63,000 , network average of $585,000. Mabletonians have backgrounds in:

Information Technology ( IT)


Professional Services ( Lawyers/Doctors)



Personal Care Services





Real Estate



Mableton is on a wave toward a bright future with big gains in real estate values. What may seem to be slow moving real estate land sales is in fact setting the stage for savvy investors to win big with proper planning and smart growth in the area.

About Jackye Mumphrey, REALTOR

Jackye Mumphrey is known locally as, "The Mableton Real Estate Maven". She has sold property in Mableton since 2003 and as a local resident of South Cobb, Jackye understands the home values and what it means to the bottomline of her buyer and seller clients. From high end homes from the 300's and luxury properties in the 750k+ range in Mableton, Jackye knows the market and what it will take to get homes sold quickly with the least amount of hassle

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