Re-Listing Your Home with Jackye Mumphrey

“Did Your Listing Expire?”

 Are You Still Interested in Selling?”

Over 75% of homes on the MLS don't sell their first time out!



There are a number of reasons but






 ...are your top 4 culprits

You can't change the location but you can change the price and fix up the homes' condition, but your  Realtor has to have the right marketing. In selling your home, there is a proven marketing method you should be using to knock out the competition and finally sell this time around.

There is a better way.....

Selling a home is unlike any other selling experience. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you put it back on the market other than just price, putting the property on the MLS and sticking a sign in the yard. There is a story your home has to tell in order to sell. A proper marketing message needs to be delivered to buyers to get their attention - not a short ad with just an address, a few lines of copy and a handful of photos. The differences in your property must be capitalized or the built-in advantages will be lost, and you again find yourself surrounded by the problems of not selling.

.... Specific Reverse Prospect Marketing

The system that is used is called," The Specific Reverse Prospect Marketing." It was actually created by accident a few years ago when testing out ads to see which ones worked best with buyers to trigger a sell on a particularly odd styled home. Not only did that home sell but 12 others in the neighborhood over a 2 year closed as a result of this specialized marketing.

...Get Your Free copy of so you can know what it really takes to sell in this market

Upon request you'll receive a copy of the Marketing and Services Plan for your review, a FREE NO OBLIGATION Market Analysis on your home to see what buyers are paying for homes most similar to yours and for a limited time only receive a free 90 day subscription to specialized home market updates packed full of real estate insider information. You'll see what Realtors see so that you stay on top of the competition when you are ready to sell.    With this system, you'll quickly notice a difference in how your property is being marketed compared to regular real estate companies. When you list your property, you not only will receive great unique service.... you'll elevate your property to top of mind for hundreds of eager buyers and in the process - create a better selling environment to trigger a sell using the Specific Reverse Prospecting Marketing System.

Congratulations on making the decision to re-market your home the right way!
Happy Selling!